Systems and Custom Indicators

Both ApexTrader and MultiCharts have many ways you can take advantage of their advanced technology and use custom indicators or trading systems to analyze futures data in real time and produce indicators or trade signals for you to follow or to be executed automatically for your futures account.

Customize Indicators

You can easily customize the settings and parameters of the standard indicators included free with our trading platforms. Each platform comes with over 100 pre-built indicators of which you can fine tune the settings and parameters to customize to your liking.

Import or Write Strategies

You can also program your own strategy from scratch as both platforms allow users to import systems or indicators from a third party or you can develop and backtest your own. Traders can program using TradeStation's EasyLanguage, NinjaScript or C# to make your own strategies.

Trade from Excel

ApexTrader allows traders the ability to trade from Microsoft® Excel with DDE. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows Windows applications to share data, for example, a cell in Excel can be linked to a value or data point in the ApexTrader and when the value or data point changes, it is automatically updated in the Excel spreadsheet. Click here for a user guide to this technology.


Advanced programmers can write to the API of ApexTrader using C# or the FIX protocol or to CQG's API using any programming language that supports COM automation technology like C#, C++, MatLab, Microsoft Excel VBA, and Visual Basic 6.0.

Please contact us if you have any questions on these services.